Monday, February 14, 2011

The Tough First Two Weeks: Day 2

Day One Complete and winding down.  Today's entry is gonna be a short one.

Dealing with Mr. Throbbing Headache for the second day and not a happy camper... gotta love caffeine withdrawal.  Actually, no I don't.  That's why I have my secret weapon: Motrin.    :-)

The eating front went really well:
  • Yogurt: 260 calories
  • Peanuts: 330 calories
  • Popcorn: 160 calories
  • Salad: 100 calories
  • Chicken Breast: 300 calories
Though it doesn't appear to be too much, I actually was quite satiated for most of the day.  We'll see how tomorrow goes, though...

Only got a few hours of sleep last night so I'm gonna be calling it an early night.

To all my friends on this journey as well: Stay Strong and Keep The Goal In Sight


  1. Recommended minimum calories per day 1350. Don't burn yourself out in one day...

  2. Also, tried to tell u yesterday, but missed the word verification... black coffee has zero calories.

  3. Tom: Thanks for the comments. My plan once I get my menu equalized is to go for around 1500 calories per day... with working out in the morning, this should be enough to ensure I get the proper nutritional intake and still burn maximum calories. Good suggestion on the black coffee as well... I have other reasons but I need to cut out the caffeine... just not worth the energy boost. Thanks for the recommendations!