Friday, February 18, 2011

The Tough First Two Weeks: Day 6

Update At 6:15AM

Two weeks ago I started keeping track of my daily weight.  On the first day, I weighed in at 270 pounds. That first week I kept track of my daily weight and it averaged out to 270 pounds for the week.

Today, 14 days later, I'm weighing in at 266 pounds, having begun my diet/fitness plan 6 days ago.  Though technically I've lost 4 pounds based on today's weigh-in, based on the average of my weights for the week I've lost one pound (my average is at 269 pounds).  For a visual of this, go to this page:

Either way, I'm happy about my progress so far.  This week was just the diet adjustment, which is going well so far.  Next week, I'll be kicking off my combination aerobic and weight training regimen, which should kick the loss into high gear.

More updates to this post later on today! Stay strong in your journey, brothers and sisters.

Update At 8:06PM

Day is drawing to a close.  My eating is back on track again... limited my intake for the day to 1600 total calories, right on the high side of my 1400 to 1600 intake range.  Even my fat calorie intake is back down to normal (at 400 calories).  Feeling really good today (from a fitness/health standpoint and from a general sickness standpoint).

Heading into the three-day weekend, so this'll be a more true test of my resolve.  But one I can tackle.

Well my friends, that's all for today.  Have fun over the weekend... stay strong and focused on your journeys!

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