Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stuff to Make the Journey Easier: Audio Excursions

One of the keys to getting fit and in shape is exercise, either cardio or weight training.  Unfortunately, while weight training is variable enough to keep your mind occupied, cardio training tends to bore many people.  The long periods of placing one foot in front of the other, the mind stuck on concentrating on the tedium of your feet... BOREDOM.  So what can you do to help with the boredom and endless miles under your feet?  Music is one option, of course.  I, however, prefer to listen to books, especially podiobooks.  There are a large selection of great podiobooks available... if you know where to look.

One great author that you may want to check out is Neil Colquhoun, a fantastic Scottish writer of hybrid horror/thriller/sci-fi tales, creator of the "FRANK" series and the forthcoming "Jimmy and the Black Wind" tales.

Check out his Free audiobook, "FRANK - Volume 1: Boiling Point".  In this tale, Frank, a mysterious bounty hunter, gets more than he bargained for in his latest assignment. Becoming mixed up in the beginnings of a gang war, he has to contend with a team of hit-men, who are not like your usual guns-for-hire!  It’s a story about a a bounty hunter, a dead-but-alive hitman partnered with an alive-but-should-be-dead criminal, an escort girl, a man who has a taste for something bad… and the Devil!

Check out his promo for "FRANK" here:

Read more about "FRANK" and access the audio files here:

To subscribe to "FRANK" on iTunes, subscribe to this feed: itpc://

If you are interested in reading more about  Neil and his various projects, head on over to his website:

To keep up on what Neil is doing, make sure you also follow him on Twitter: @necol66

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  1. Hey Scott

    Thanks for the awesome post - it is very much appreciated.
    And for your excellent pimpage, I have enrolled you in the Infected Legion -

    Stay Alive my friend
    Neil Colquhoun