Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's been way too long... now I need to get back into the groove...

2011 has been a difficult year.

Yes, I know that is no excuse, but it's taken a lot out of me. Between work (the company I work for has been bought out by another major company... and the work has really just begun), my freelance design projects (I've been getting increased interest in my work and commissions), life in general, and the extended illness and subsequent death of my father have all taken their toll on me and my resolve.

But now I need to get things back on track.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my health and habits over the last few weeks. In that time, I've thought about my bad eating habits... my many bad eating habits. And my lack of exercise drive in recent months. As I've thought about this, a plan has been slowly forming.  Here's my thoughts:

Drinks and Liquid Refreshments: I like to drink... water, coffee, soft drinks, juices, etc. Taking I closer look at this habit, I was shocked and horrified to figure out just how much of my normal caloric intake is from these delightful drinks. On the order of magnitude of around 1000 to 1200 calories each day. Starting tomorrow, it all gets simplified... only water. No flavored drinks of any kind.

Food and Comfort: I am a comfort eater. Boredom, stress, annoyance, sadness, anger... all of these tend to make me reach for a little something to cram in my mouth... and the easier the better. This means vending machine snacks, fast food, and whatever else is at hand (which typically isn't anything all that good. Between overeating and eating the wrong stuff, I'm doing it all wrong. Starting tomorrow, no more fast food, no more vending machines, and pre-planning becomes the key.

Exercise and Sweating to the Oldies: For about a year I've been slacking big time in this department. 2010 was actually a very good year for exercise... I was working out every other day (at minimum), eating somewhat right, and was getting back down toward my fighting weight (I had lost between 30 and 35 lbs... which I have dutifully gained back since). But then I hurt my back and lost the drive. Once I get my eating and drinking habits back in line, I'll be putting my exercise routine back into motion... in a couple weeks.

2012 will become my years for getting back into the groove... just you wait and see.