Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Resources For Healthy Eating

I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting recommendations for eating and living healthy.  Menus, exercise routines, meditations, drinks, whatever... anything that increases our chances for getting and staying fit is worthwhile checking out.

Here's one that was recommended to me by a friend of mine (Thanks Vanessa!).  We're all familiar with the green movement that has gripped the nation and even the world over the last few years.  Everyone seems to be concerned (finally!) about their carbon footprint and the impact of themselves on the environment and vice versa. Now, that movement is extending into the dietary realm.

When we eat "unhealthy" food, we tend to be taking in and storing unhealthy nutrients and chemicals in our bodies, adding to our overall state of poor living and health. With all this garbage hanging out in your body, it becomes more difficult to achieve and maintain weight, energy, and just a general sense of well-being.

One way to reduce these toxins in your body is to de-toxify and change what you eat.  A great way to do this is with Green Smoothies.  According to Vanessa:

"Drink green smoothies for a gentle detox.  Right now I've been blending kale, oranges and ginger. I don't usually replace meals but I often feel much fuller after eating so many greens, You can add sources of protein and other fun things(flax, yogurt, whey, cocoa, kefir, chia seeds, coconut milk/water) in it too. They are a great way to give your body the nutrients it needs without having to eat a salad for every meal. I always feel so much better when I drink them regularly."

She recommends the following site for some great ideas on Green Smoothies and healthy raw eating.  I've looked through it and it has lots of great recommendations.  I'm going to give the basic green smoothie a try as an assistance for my dinner-time eating (which seems to be one of the worst meals of the day for me).

The main site ( looks like an interesting approach to eating right and getting healthy... with a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE green smoothies! I have one for breakfast every morning and I will never stop. The greens give me amazing energy throughout the day, and because I am nourished I crave less sugar. My fav recipe:

    Spinach- Lots, like half a blender full.
    Blend the spinach with water till its completel smooth liquid.

    Then add Marionberrys-fresh or frozen, blackberries are a close second if you cant find any.

    1/2 banana
    Stevia to taste
    Lots of ice.

    Delicious and SUPER healthy!

  2. Thanks for the advice Dani, I'll give it a try!